Start Slaying

It’s never too late to like yourself.

I’ve watched moms with tweens feel cooler, 64 year old grandpas find new swagger, dorky dads fit into skinny jeans, lesbians find out their own hotness, teenage girls lose their girlish heeby-jeebies, 30 year old dudes find out that they’re much hotter after aIMG_6546sweaty cardio session, 34 year old single ladies not want anyone to put a ring on it anytime soon.

What makes us feel better about our own style is owning ourselves. Owning what makes us feel good.

That’s why I can be in this photo wearing all black everything and feel like a GIRLBOSS or in my SoulCycle sweats and Doc Martens feeling like a CHAMP. (no, like a real Champ.)

We are our own strength or our own weakness. Style is intrinsic, it’s FROM WITHIN.

belonging naturally; essential.
(of a muscle) contained wholly within the organ on which it acts.