Tulum 3rd Time The Charm

I only wanted to go to Tulum

IMG_7212So much in fact, that I went three times in a year.

If you’ve never been, you probably shouldn’t go unless you like to sweat, huff it, roll with it, and possibly sleep with insects.

But if you like Mexican sun, Italian food, ridiculous wears, waking up in supreme paradise and being off the grid – then GO.

I’m not writing this as an advertisement to go to Tulum, because I’d prefer you don’t go— to make it stay the toilet paper in the trash can, smelly roads, stray dog/cat way that it is.

I only learned the most about myself the last time I went. I got a crazy bug, so did my two bests that went with. We laid in our hut, running in and out of the bathroom over and over again until it subsided two days later.  

The song, You Can’t Always Get What You Want was stuck in my head.

Because I had been to Tulum twice prior I knew I was missing out on jungle parties, amazing sunsets, a sick MX tan, and just an overall drop your worries experience. The worst of it was that it was a vacation I really needed.


I could say to you that slowing down, was the best option, getting sick made me suffer, stay inside, and think about a lot.
It’s the truth.

I would have much rather come to this conclusion at Yaan

Then, I came to the solution that I need to say No, slow down, count my blessings.

Sad that it took me a plane ride, 90mins in a taxi through Mexico, a hideous virus to figure that what I wanted is already with me.  IMG_7262

If you do plan to go, it’s incredible. Hit me up for ideas.