Springing To Plan

I like looking ahead, but making sure that I’m not overwhelming myself with useless priorities. Here’s some of my plans for Spring 2016. I really can’t wait for the sun to shine and the ground to warm up.


My Top 10 for Spring:

  1. Garden my backyard
    Def hitting up Terrain in Westport, CT
    Regular stuff, I’ll be taking a deep breath into Home Depot
    If I’m feeling ritzy, maybe I’ll go to ABC
  2. ORGANIZE my drawers and closet —shoot me
  3. Bathe my dog Strega (and maybe my cat)
  4. Blog every day—aren’t you excited?! (shit, what did I get myself into)
  5. Start my 3rd year at SoulCycle with SCHRED rides
    Right now I’m really inspired by Clutch Body Shop
  6. Of course this plan will include a lot of SOULCYCLE
  7. Plan a summer trip to somewhere super duper drool worthy


  8. Plan an outdoor party

  9. Take my basement and turn it into an organized space/studio

  10. Learn to practice yoga and meditation