Running like a Boss

It seems like every other person I know is training for a half marathon this spring.  While you won’t see me trudging down a trail like I did during last year’s Greenwich Half Marathon, I do have some tips for not killing yourself at the race.

13 Heads Up

  1. Get the sleep you need two nights before, and the night before. Go to sleep by 11pm.
  2. Light breakfast, water night before and in the AM, plus go pee before the race.
    Oatmeal with a little peanut or almond butter, Banana right before you start.
    A very small amount of coffee to wake yourself up- that’s it. Then start sipping water.
  3. Lightly stretch, find a straightaway to run back and forth for three minutes,  jump up and down in your layers…yes, if you are running in NY you should be wearing layers you can strip.
  4. 10458595_738868859504184_7395850492028556947_nPace yourself, and don’t go out of the gate too fast. There will be some speedracers--let them go. Do you.
  5. I’m not much of a watch person, but maybe you are. Just don’t stare at it. It’ll get all up in your head and make you cray.
  6. Find a mysterious buddy on the run, and pace yourself against them. Watch their shoes, shoulders, hair, and cruise with them.
  7. Take in the scenery. It’s really cool that you’re running for that long and that far. Rock out.
  8. Smile at the people cheering for you. Aren’t they so sweet for coming out?
  9. Take long strides. When you feel yourself shorten your steps, elongate again.
  10. Don’t walk unless you really really fucking have to. It’ll mess up your muscles and make your body think you’re done. Instead, just slow down and breathe.
  11. Smile at the guy running with the stroller. He’s a boss
  12. High five the lady running with the stroller, she’s the REAL BOSS BITCH.



13. All the while, know you are going to finish, in whatever time, and you’re going to unleash the gods of war the last half mile home and pretend you’re at the Olympics.

And if you’re me, you will say, “never again”….but in the back of your mind, you sick bitch, you’ll wanna do it again. For shits and giggles.

God damn that felt good!!!